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BCRW Projects

Caring for America

The Dictionary Project (Non-partisan)
BCRW volunteers have given nearly 12,000 dictionaries to Benton County fourth-graders since the Club began participating in the Dictionary Project in 2004. From an exciting demonstration, students learn how to use their new personal dictionaries; how to increase their vocabulary in a fun way; and how to glean interesting facts and other valuable information from the fascinating resource pages. The dictionary BCRW distributes includes the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, biographies of all the Presidents, civics lessons, details on all the states, information on all the countries of the world, and so much more!

The Dictionary Project is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization. The goal of this program is to assist all students in completing the school year as good writers, active readers and creative thinkers by providing students with their own dictionary. The dictionaries are a gift to each student to use at school and at home for years to come. Reading is the most important skill of all. It is the starting point for all the economic and social opportunities this world has to offer to an individual.

Presidents' Day Library Display
Every February, BCRW displays a poster in local libraries to celebrate Presidents' Day by honoring our country's first president, George Washington and 11th president, Abraham Lincoln. Using actual quotes, portions of significant historical documents, photos and biographical information, these posters are designed to bring bygone eras to life.

Lincoln Day Celebration
The BCRW in partnership with the Benton County Republicans hold an annual Lincoln Day Celebration and Benefit Auction, usually in February, in honor of President Lincoln's Birthday or Lincoln and Washington's Birthdays. Speakers are always a highlight. Here are some notables we've enjoyed: Michael Zak, author of Back to Basics for the Republican Party (2006); Ron and Lynne Saxton, Ron was the Republican candidate for Oregon Governor (2007); and State Representative Dennis Richardson (2008). In 2009, the Linn County Republicans joined with the BCRW and Benton County Republicans for a regional fundraiser. Since then, our speakers have been Congressman Greg Walden and State Representative Bruce Hanna (2009); Radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt (2010); President Abraham Lincoln played by Portland actor, Mr. Steve Holgate (2011) and Ms. Anita MonCrief, ACORN whistleblower, and Rev. Wayne Perryman, author of Unveiling the Truth and Blacks, Whites & Racist Democrats (2012). As the BCRW's major fundraiser of the year, proceeds help fund our youth oriented Dictionary Project, Constitution Day events, scholarships and essay contests. We extend our gratitude to our guests for supporting this event. We hope you'll join us for future Lincoln Day Dinners!

A Project to Establish a Constitution Center in Benton County (Non-partisan)
BCRW hopes to establish a Constitution Center in Benton County in cooperation with the Republican Central Committee and other organizations wishing to participate. The proposed name for the center is the “Ross Conklin Constitution Center.” Mr. Conklin passed away in 2006 before his dream of a seeing such a center established in Benton County. Just imagine a Constitution Center that encourages knowledge of and an appreciation for our country and its unique beginning. Presentations and speakers regarding our Founding Fathers and their goals and challenges will be sought to enhance the education of our history for both our youth, and the general public. Contact: Stella Guenther, (541) 929-5382.

Constitution Day Library Display
In September, BCRW displays a poster in local libraries to celebrate Constitution Day by honoring our country's Founders and the unique idea of individual freedom upon which they established the Constitution of the United States of America. The U.S. Constitution was signed on September 17, 1787 and ratified on January 10, 1891 with the understanding that a Bill or Rights (Amendments) would be included.

BCRW conducts Constitution Day Celebrations (Non-partisan)
The Benton County Republican Women received terrific feedback after organizing, supplying materials for and participating in their first Constitution Day Celebration assembly in 2006. As a traveling trunk-show, this exciting program is offered to schools and other venues to educate and celebrate the September 17, 1787 signing of the U.S. Constitution. The thirty-nine signers were brave men who changed the course of history. Now Constitution Day is a time for us to continue their legacy by helping each new generation of Americans develop habits of good citizenship.

The Mamie Eisenhower Library Project (MELP)
The BCRW participates in the Mamie Eisenhower Library Project (MELP), which was established by the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) in 1961. As a memorial honoring the former First Lady, BCRW Members donate books and videos that reflect Republican philosophy, present outstanding Republican personalities or have historical significance to the public library and local school libraries. MELP is the Federation's longest running program.

Download the NFRW's MELP Recommended Book List 2016-2017 (pdf).

National Scholarships
The BCRW contributes to three national scholarships for young women through the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW). Find application forms here.
    The Betty Rendel Scholarship - The NFRW established the Betty Rendel Scholarship Fund in September 1995 in honor of NFRW Past President Betty Rendel's extraordinary leadership skills and dedication to the Republican Party in her home state of Indiana, as well as at the national level. The three annual scholarships of $1,000 are awarded to undergraduates who are majoring in political science, government or economics and have successfully completed at least two years of college coursework. The recipients are chosen from applicants from across the nation. Scholarship winners may not reapply. Deadline: Applications due to State Federation Presidents by JUNE 1.
    The Dorothy Kabis Memorial Internship - The Dorothy Andrews Kabis Memorial Internship honors the former president of the NFRW (1963-67) who later was appointed U.S. treasurer by President Richard Nixon. The internship gives young undergraduates the opportunity to spend part of the summer working at National headquarters in Alexandria, Va. It includes a small monetary allowance, roundtrip airfare to and from Washington, D.C., and housing in the D.C. metropolitan area. Applicants must be at least a junior in college or a college student 21 years of age or older. They should have a general knowledge of government, a keen interest in politics, campaign experience, and sufficient clerical office skills that are adaptable to a busy office. Internship recipients may not reapply. Deadline: Applications due to State Federation Presidents by FEBRUARY 20.
    The Nancy Reagan Pathfinder Scholarship - The National Federation of Republican Women established the National Pathfinder Scholarship Fund in 1985 in honor of First Lady Nancy Reagan. The three annual scholarships of $2,500 provide financial assistance and support to students seeking undergraduate or graduate degrees. Undergraduate sophomores, juniors and seniors, as well as students enrolled in a master's degree program, are eligible to apply for the scholarship. Recent high school graduates and undergraduate freshmen are not eligible. Scholarship winners may not reapply. Deadline: Applications due to State Federation Presidents by JUNE 1.

BCRW Essay Contest for 4th Grade Girls
The club offers prizes for winning essays on the U.S. Constitution or other Founding document. The contest is open to all fourth grade girls in Benton County. The girls must agree to read the document they choose to write about before submitting their essay. In 2012 we had a tie for both first place and second place so there were four winners. All contestants submitted worthy essays and we thank them for their participation and their teachers for supporting the project.

Mother's Against Meth (Non-partisan)
In 2005, BCRW members served on the WCJC Methamphetamine Taskforce to bring awareness of and solutions to those most at-risk in our community. Later, BCRW members joined Mother's Against Meth (chaired by Marcy Gregg), an organization based in Philomath, Oregon, which is extremely proactive and effective. This groups' first act was to raise funds to purchase a drug sniffing dog to assist law enforcement officers.

Women-In-Need Project (Non-partisan)
The BCRW assist young women who need a fresh start in life and in their careers by donating neat, clean business type and job appropriate clothing to Altrusa's Career Closet where women needing work clothes can find a free wardrobe.

Philomath Frolic Parade
BCRW Members decorate the Benton County Republican Party's float entry for for the annual Philomath Frolic Parade, held each year on the second Saturday of July. Republican legislators and candidates walk with the float passing out candy or patriotic buttons to children and shaking hands with constituents and voters. It is always a pleasure to participate in this event and we thank Philomath parade watchers for the enthusiastic reception they always give the Benton County Republicans.

Support the Troops (Non-partisan)
The BCRW participates in weekly 'Support the Troops & Freedom Rallies,' sponsored by the Oregon Chapter of Operation Homefront. Rallies are held on Thursdays from 12:00 Noon-1:00 p.m. in front of the Bi-Mart store on Philomath Blvd. at 53rd Street in Corvallis, Oregon.

The BCRW sponsors and provides refreshments for the Annual Armed Forces Day Rally & Program, which is held in front of the National Guard Armory, 1100 NW Kings Blvd., in Corvallis.

The BCRW partnered with and contributed to the Oregon Chapter of Operation Homefront until its closing in 2012. See our Troops Support page for details.

The BCRW supports the Soldier's Angels Valour-IT Project. Contributions go toward supplying injured troops under treatment for arm and hand injuries or amputations at major military medical centers with voice-activated laptop computers so they may keep in touch with friends, loved ones, buddies still in the field, and surf-the-net without having to use computer keys or a mouse.

The BCRW has contributed to Spirit of America, a citizen support group which responds to the requests of soldiers in the field and more.

The BCRW contributes to The Veterans Commemorative Association, which puts on the annual Veterans Day Parade in Albany, Oregon, the largest veterans parade west of the Mississippi River. The BCRW also plans and decorates the Benton County Republican Party's float annually and in recent years, Linn County Republican have joined us in the tribute to our Veterans. For a number of years, the decor was based primarily on WWI and WWII posters which were commissioned in their day to inspire patriotism and appreciation for the difficult tasks and sacrifice which the American Soldier has faced to secure our freedom and that of our allies from Nazism, Fascism and Communism. More recent designs have featured stars & stripes and a soldier saluting the U.S. Flag. In addition, the BCRW makes and passes out thousands of patriotic buttons that honor our veterans to parade watchers along the parade route. The BCRW hopes you'll join us on the Benton GOP float for the Veterans Day Parade. The 2014 parade will be held on Tuesday, November 11th and VCA has chosen the following theme:
"Veterans - Heroes at Home"

  • BCRW Members supported the Dolls for Iraqi Children Project while Cpl. Ernest Zacher (pictured right), initiator of the project, served in Baghdad.

    BCRW participates in "Cell Phones for Soldiers" - When Maureen Russian, 2006-2007 BCRW President, decided to replace her cell phone she discovered an organization, "Cell Phone for Soldiers", which collects and reconditions cell phones to send to soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Maureen invited BCRW members to participate and to let others know about this cause to help the troops keep in touch with their loved ones here at home. Cell phones (with accessories) may be turned in to Republican Headquarters, 1760 SW 3rd St., in Corvallis.

  • BCRW Donates Flag
    Benton County Republican Women donated a United States Flag to the Corvallis School District at the regular meeting of the 509-J Board of Director's on October 9, 2006. The flag was presented with a certificate to show that it had officially flown over the U.S. Capitol. The poem Old Glory was read and a document explaining the meaning of the 13 folds of the flag was also presented to complete the short ceremony. The flag was secured by Oregon's U.S. Senator Ron Wyden at the request of BCRW member Stella Guenther.

    Attending the presentation were members and associates, Maureen Russian, Stella Guenther, Jean Nelson and John Detweiler. Dawn Tarzian, School Superintendent, expressed her thanks and appreciation for the flag that replaces the old flag used in the board room.

    Politics - A thank you from the Benton GOP
    The Benton County Republican Central Committee extends its gratitude to BCRW members and associates for their service to the party throughout the years. You have participated in every honorable aspect of politics in Benton County. You've helped the party make its presense known in the community; you've contributed and helped with fundraising; you've circulated critical petitions and gathered signatures; you've supported and provided a platform for candidates at your meetings and; you've educated us all by bringing interesting speakers to Benton County. You've volunteered for task after task. You've folded, stuffed, licked, sealed and stamped to process mailings and campaign literature. You've helped man the HQ. You've participated in phone banks and spent countless hours entering data. You've canvassed and served in precincts. All your efforts are truly appreciated. Your organization is a quality asset to the Republican Party and to Benton County.

    Thank you.
    Benton County Republican Party

    BCRW Earns National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) Awards
    2008-2009 Biennium: The Benton County Republican Women earned a "Silver" Club Achievement Award. Stella Guenther of the BCRW was recognized by the NFRW for accumulating the highest number of volunteer hours for an individual Republican Woman this biennium. Congratulations and thank you, Stella!

    2006-2007 Biennium: Congratulations BCRW, you've earned two very impressive Awards! The Benton County Republican Women were presented with certificates for Caring for America 1st Place Award and a "Gold" Club Achievement Award from the National Federation of Republican Women. Diamond is the highest club achievement award and the BCRW came very close.

    Keeping track of club members' volunteer hours and club achievement points is a complicated and tedious job so be sure to thank Maureen Russian and Whitney Lindquist for their effort. They do a terrific job.

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