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Dennis Miller on Virginia Tech Shooting

Fox News: O'Reilly (Video), April 18, 2007 - (Partial Transcript) Dennis Miller:

"I’m intrigued by this character Liviu Librescu, the 76 year old Aerodynamics teacher at the college.

I think, in our society we have somehow, in current day America, have been denuded of the gene that makes us want to survive at all cost. I think Librescu a 76 Holocaust survivor, who if you do the math, was probably 12 when he first saw the face of evil, I’m sure he looked up at the narrow window in that door and saw the same sick glint, that dead shark thing, in that eye that he had seen as a young man and he went towards it to stop it. I think right now kids in this culture between video games, which kind of dumb them down vis-à-vis violence, and this non-judgmental aspect of this society don’t know evil if it springs up at a door...”

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