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McCain on Iraq

Austin Bay writes, “And Senator McCain continues to soldier. Thank you, Senator.”

McCain at ABC News: “The judgment of history should be the approval we seek,” the GOP presidential hopeful said, “not the temporary favor of the latest public opinion poll.”
McCain asserted that if U.S. troops withdraw prematurely, the Iraqi government will collapse, drawing in Iraq’s neighbors — Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Turkey.

“This uncertain swirl of events could cause the region to explode and foreclose the opportunity for millions of Muslims and their children to achieve freedom,” McCain said.

“We could face a terrible choice: Watch the region burn, the price of oil escalate dramatically and our economy decline, watch the terrorists establish new base camps or send American troops back to Iraq, with the odds against our success much worse than they are today,” McCain concluded.

He added that “the potential for genocide and ethnic cleansing in Iraq is even worse” than in Rwanda if troops leave too soon, “and the potential consequence of allowing terrorists sanctuary in Iraq is another 9/11 — or worse.”

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