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American Legion Strategy

From Numbers USA: The American Legion – the nation's largest veterans organization - is calling on Congress to reject proposed legislation that would grant "fast track" citizenship, or amnesty, to illegal aliens and to reduce the illegal alien population through aggressive enforcement of immigration laws and stronger border security.

On May 10, the Legion's National Executive Committee outlined a five-point strategy to address illegal immigration, which includes:

  • Securing the borders and coastline points of entry;
  • Removing the jobs magnet by imposing and enforcing employer sanctions;
  • Eliminating most social services benefits for illegal immigrants;
  • Promoting a strategy of attrition through enforcement; and
  • Effectively screening and tracking foreign visitors in the U.S.

In a press release, National Commander Paul A. Morin said “[The immigration] system is broken and it needs fixing, and the solutions being tossed around by some members of Congress are not in the best interest of this country."

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