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Kill Bill(s)

June 15, 2007: In an online letter the Center for Individual Freedom's Immigration Watch congratulated American activists of all stripes who made their wishes known to the U.S. Congress regarding the failed immigration reform bill, S 1348. "You are to be commended for a level and intensity of political activism that is rarely exercised in this country." Likewise, NumbersUSA thanked the public while encouraging continued action next week.

Polster Scott Rasmussen said, "The immigration bill failed because a broad cross-section of the American people are opposed to it." Recent Rasmussen polls show that:

  • 20 Percent of American voters want Congress to try and pass the immigration reform bill that failed in the Senate last week.
  • Sixty-nine percent support an approach that focuses "exclusively on securing the border and reducing illegal immigration.

Despite the overwhelming message from the American people, President Bush and certain members of the Senate are determined to bring it up again next week and to pass it. CFIF responded,

The new grand deception is that the bill can be fixed with amendments. It cannot. It could be replaced with what the American people want, but it cannot be fixed with amendments. You've done it once and you can do it again...this time perhaps with even greater numbers and even more forceful messages.

But amnesty, as a vast number of American's see this immigration reform bill, is not the only critical legislation on the table as debate picks up on an energy bill with the left and environmentalists frustrating the most obvious solutions to move America toward energy independence. Scott at Town Commons in a piece titled, "Democrats Prepare to Pay Back the Far Left," maintains,

In any sane world, we would be drilling for oil in Alaska and in the Gulf of Mexico, and we would be fast tracking the creation of new atomic power plants. Additionally, we would be developing new refineries to lower the cost of gas even as we seek alternative fuels. Yet every attempt to do any of these things is invariably fought tooth and nail by far left radical environmentalists opposed to almost any human development. Their detrimental effect on America is very high indeed - and, at times, devastating.

CFIF: "Well, it used to be a representative government. It can be again. Activists have now learned how to make it so." Will there be more cases where the people stand up and demand what they want? Time will tell.

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