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June/July Polling: Good News for GOP

GOP.com, July 27, 2007 - Polls from June and July show that the Presidents' approval rating is trending upward while the U.S. Congress, under the control of Democrats, is moving downward rather drastically. President Bush’s approval rating is higher than that of Congress in most recent national polls and Republicans are gaining ground on the economy.

Americans feel the state of the economy is positive, as 54% rate it as very or fairly good (CBS/NYT, 7/17). Also, the GOP is regaining its lead on taxes, with a plurality (46%) saying Republicans would better handle taxes (Battleground, 7/18) and a majority (57%) wanting to make President Bush’s income tax cuts permanent (CNN/Opinion Research, 5/6). Finally, voters oppose Congressional earmarks and pork spending, with 67% telling CBS adding this to legislation is “not acceptable” (6/28). See the poll results here!

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