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Roses 'N' Razzies

Corvallis Gazette-Times, August 10, 2007

ROSE-RASPBERRIES to Sen. Gordon Smith. Our editorial was pleased to meet with him Wednesday, when he answered questions regarding the Iraq war, his candidacy and his recently assailed voting record. He was poised, knew his stuff and answered well.

We also give roses to the Benton County Republicans, who had invited Smith to be keynote speaker at their annual picnic [Aug. 8] in Avery Park. Although it’s generally a members-only event, they graciously accepted all comers.

That’s fitting, because Smith, who has been one of our senators on Capitol Hill for 10 years, is seeking re-election, and he is effectively campaigning.

But Smith, whom we’ve supported for most of his career, merits at least a minor raspberry for his refusal to take questions from the people who showed up at Avery Park to see him. True, he was running late, but really ... would it have been so hard to spend 15 minutes taking questions from the crowd? After all, Smith can generally count on the support of his party. It’s the crossover votes he needs, if Mr. Smith plans to go back to Washington.

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