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Ford's Hydrogen Fusion 999 tested

Ford Fuel Cell Car goes 200 M.P.H. at the Bonneville Salt Flats
August 16, 2007 - By Richard S. Chang,

“We just went 207 m.p.h.”

Those were the first words from Mujeeb Ijaz when I reached his cellphone yesterday, at 5:25 p.m. at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

It’s Speed Week at Bonneville, a yearly ritual of triple-digit one-upmanship across an oblivion of white salt. One racer has already crashed at 170 m.p.h. Mr. Ijaz, manager of fuel cell vehicle engineering at Ford, and his team are running a fuel cell-powered electric car. Announced to the world in July, the Ford Hydrogen Fusion 999 is named after the car that Henry Ford drove to a land speed record in 1904. Mr. Ford went 91.37 m.p.h. This week, Mr. Ijaz’s goal was to hit 200.

Mission accomplished.


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