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Bush: NIE, Troops & Mortgages

From BCRW Nov.-Dec. posts
NFRW Political Briefing, Vol. 5, Briefing No. 31 - President George W. Bush, 12/4/07

President Bush Addresses NIE, Troops Funding & the Home Ownership-Mortgage Issue

NIE (National Intelligence Estimate) Report: "Iran was dangerous, Iran is dangerous, and Iran will be dangerous if they have the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon. … And I believe now is the time for the world to do the hard work necessary to convince the Iranians there is a better way forward."

Troops Funding: "Our troops are waiting on Congress to fund them in their operations overseas. Nearly 10 months ago, I submitted a detailed funding request. Congress has not acted. Our men and women shouldn't have to wait any longer."

Mortgage Crisis: "Secretary Paulson is working with a more complex industry than we've had in the past. And that's why it's taken a while … because not only do you have the lender, you now have a whole service industry that has arisen that will hopefully help people stay in their homes – that's their job – but you've also got people all around the world who now own U.S. mortgages and assets that are U.S. mortgage – bundles of U.S. mortgages."

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