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Sen. Smith: Earth's Energy Powering OIT

An update from Senator Smith (email), January 25, 2008

I was recently in Klamath Falls visiting Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT). Senator Wyden and I were able to secure $1 million for OIT to build a geothermal power plant that will generate enough electricity to power the entire campus. The plant is expected to save the school over-a-half a million dollars a year.

OIT is on the forefront of renewable energy innovation and technology. They are on pace to be the only "all green" campus in the world powered by geothermal energy. In the classroom, OIT is a leader in preparing tomorrow's renewable energy workforce by offering a renewable energy systems degree. The plant will serve as an excellent educational tool to teach and train students.

I commend OIT for their leadership in renewable energy. As other campuses and businesses around the country follow OIT's lead, our nation will be relying more on domestic sources of energy, free from foreign control. OIT's success with geo-thermal energy demonstrates that, with a little innovation and investment, an energy-independent America is possible.

Construction could begin as early as this spring.

HOW GEOTHERMAL ENERGY WORKS (click image for larger view)

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