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2 Republicans run for Oregon State Offices

Finally, two Republicans to challenge for Treasurer and Secretary of State
The Executive Club, April 2008

In their meeting announcement, the Executive Club supplies interesting background information on their guests (our candidates for state offices) along with a not so gentle kick in the pants for Republican past performance.

After the 1994 election was over, the decline of Republican party in Oregon had started. Even though they had shockingly won a majority in both houses of the legislature, a parade of clueless legislative leaders failed to take charge. They left Democrats in important posts which should have been filled by Republicans and worse, they failed to enact Republican principles when they had the chance.

The ‘94 election marked another shift in power in Salem and while not as remarkable, at the time, has since proven at least as damaging to the conservative cause. From that point on, no Republicans have been elected to the principle executive offices of Governor, Attorney General, Treasurer or Secretary of State! Well, now, that could change and Republicans can begin the long-march back with the election of the two fine men who will be our featured special guests.

[Allen Alley (R) for State Treasurer]
A lot of eyebrows were raised when the deputy chief of staff for Gov Ted Kulongoski filed to run for State Treasurer as a Republican! A closer look, however, makes it easier to understand. Allen Alley was asked by the Governor in 2007 to keep the state aware of the concerns of Oregon businesses. Alley has a tremendous experience in business and engineering, at Ford and Boeing and a in a joint venture with Motorola. He has been a part of growing international multi-million dollar companies, including being the lead investor at In Focus Systems and was a co-founder of the semi-conductor company, Pixelworks, which has offices in Portland, San Jose, Tokyo, Taipei and Shanghai. Alley’s incredible résumé in engineering, marketing, venture capital, entrepreneurship and now, public service should make him a formidable candidate for the role as Oregon’s top investment officer.

[Rick Dancer (R) for Secretary of State]
After many years as a popular reporter and news anchor for KEZI-TV in Eugene, Rick Dancer has decided to leave the bright lights to run as a Republican for Secretary of State. Ironically, it was his work that led him to miking the change. Time after time as a reporter he kept hearing how Oregonians felt disconnected from the government and eventually, he put together a 1/2-hour special on political apathy. That’s when he started to think about running for public office.
Rick wants to be a force for openness and fairness in government, and there couldn’t be an office that needs those principles more than Secretary of State. Dancer, naturally, is very comfortable in the public eye and has a style that will make him a serious contender to put the first Republican in the office since Norma Paulus!

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