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Sign-up to Staff the Republican Booths at the Benton County Fair, Aug. 2-5

Dear Republicans,
Please signup to staff the Benton County Republican Women's Booth and/or the Benton County Republican Booth at the Benton County Fair.

DATES & TIMES: The fair runs Wednesday, August 2 through Saturday, August 5, 2017. Shifts are 11AM-2PM, 2PM-4PM, 4PM-7PM and 7PM-10PM each day. Setup and Takedown will be Tuesday, August 1 at 2PM and Sunday, August 6 at 9AM. Please visit our "Benton County Republican Fair Booth Signup" and select the shift(s) you'd like to take. If you need to change your selected time/date, you may revisit the signup sheet at any time to edit your choice(s).

Thank you so very much! We're going to have a great time and we're excited to have you join us!

Questions about signing up? Contact PJ Hunter (541) 752-3194 or (541) 760-2607.

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