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A new biennium begins...

Jean Nelson (pictured left) begins the 2016-2017 biennium as President of the Benton County Republican Women and presents Carolyn Webb (pictured right), Immediate Past President, a gift of appreciation for her service to the organization. Carolyn served as president from 2010 through 2013 and then stepped forward again to fill the remainder of Stella Guenther's term in 2015 when Stella faced a serious health challenge. Stella has since recovered and club members thank both Stella and Carolyn for their leadership. And now, Jean and her fellow officers are guiding the BCRW in a manner that Republicans can be proud of.

2016 should be a very exciting election year! We hope you'll join us as Republican Women across the United States roll-up their sleeves and strive to restore the wonderful principles of limited government, free enterprise, individual liberty, a strong national defense and the optimism and values that allowed the people of America to build the freest, most prosperous country on earth.

BCRW's 2016 Christmas Wreath Project is underway... here's a sneak preview

Stella Guenther has been very busy collecting, drying and preserving gorgeous goodies for the Benton County Republican Women's Christmas Wreath & Swag Sale! She dropped by today with a carload of exceptionally beautiful hydrangeas (shown) donated by a local Republican. Indeed, many Republicans have generously offered lovely and unique cuttings from their yards for BCRW's stunning wreaths and swags. Stella reports that holly berries were slow to turn red this year due to weather but they are turning now and both the green and variegated holly is breathtaking! Wreath and swag decorating is now in progress.

Taking Orders Now!
Please see photos of some of BCRW's wreaths and swags from previous years and download an ORDER FORM to place your order. Wreaths and swags are $35-$40 depending on size. Proceeds from wreath & swag sales help fund BCRW's "Caring for America" projects.

A closer look..

Let us know about the "Made in USA" products you recommend!

Benton County Republican Women and friends are invited to make recommendations on products they've found that are "Made in USA." Please use the comment box at the bottom of this page to enter your patriotic finds. This page was inspired by an email sent out by Carolyn Webb, BCRW President.

Note: We realize that many products contain components that are made elsewhere. We don't expect you to do endless research on products, just that the end product you recommend is produced in America, hopefully, by American workers.