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Oil Prices: Who's to Blame?

U.S. Senate Floor Journal, Senator Larry Craig (R-ID), posted June 6, 2008

An email has been circulating that contains some of the floor charts Sen. Craig has used in his addresss to congress. Sen. Craig aggressively opposes the Climate Security Act. He champions drilling in ANWAR and the outer-continental shelf while supporting 'responsible' conservation efforts, realistic forest management and so forth until new technologies ease our energy needs for oil. He blasts Congress for caving to the pressures of environmentalists and their unrealistic demands for the past 30 years. Watch Sen. Craig’s floor speech (four-part streaming video):

  • Part 1: Who Should You Blame? (2:36)
  • Part 2: Blame Your Congressman (1:05). Transcript: America, blame your congress. Blame your friendly congressman or friendly senator. Ask them how they voted. Ask them how they’re going to vote on ANWAR, on outer continental shelf, on new development or on new refinery capacity. Oil is not the answer for 50 years from now but oil is the bridge that gets us from where we are to where we need to be with new technology. But our lack of foresightedness, our rush to be green, our rush to deny the realities of the marketplace have produced the problems we have today. And there are people to blame. And we ought to start right here with a congress that would not listen year after year, year after year while I and others brought ANWAR to the floor for a vote, while we tried to get into the outer continental shelf and politically, it was simply an unpopular th... [end of stream]
  • Part 3: The China-India Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 (2:27)
  • Part 4: The Second Largest Emitter of Carbon (2:30)

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