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Let us know about the "Made in USA" products you recommend!

Benton County Republican Women and friends are invited to make recommendations on products they've found that are "Made in USA." Please use the comment box at the bottom of this page to enter your patriotic finds. This page was inspired by an email sent out by Carolyn Webb, former BCRW President.

Note: We realize that many products contain components that are made elsewhere. We don't expect you to do endless research on products, just that the end product you recommend is produced in America, hopefully, by American workers.


  1. Anonymous1:50 AM

    Garland and I were looking for cookware. We got some great recommendations from women who are fabulous cooks but none were "Made in USA." Once we started looking with that criteria in mind, we found an innovative cookware by Regal Ware. We bought their Unity 11-pc. set and love it. Since then, we've ordered additional pieces. The company ships quickly and their customer service is outstanding. Regal Ware also has American Kitchen brand cookware and bakeware. Here's their website: http://www.regalware.com/.
    Submitted by PJ Hunter

    1. Sadly, Unity cookware by Regal Ware has been discontinued but there is good news. Regal Ware, Inc., now offers similar cookware in their American Kitchen line. There are some new and/or improved pieces as well as bakeware so we'll be adding a few more pieces to our collection.

  2. Pat Dysart3:39 PM

    Lavelle Industries, Inc. Burlington, WI makes a product called QuietFILL which is a universal toilet fill valve. It is fantastic, can be adjusted to put in as much water as you want and is QUIET. When you need to change out your toilet innards, I highly recommend this product. Here is their website: www.korky.com or korky@lavelle.com

  3. Did you know that all of our buttons are 100% Made in America? From raw materials and parts to labor, the Benton County Republican Women's buttons just SHOUT America! Please tell your friends... and happy shopping!

  4. Check out the New American Christmas Tradition for great Christmas shopping and gift ideas! (Hat tip: Deborah Barrett/via email)

  5. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Go to https://www.faithfunder.com/uproject.php?fpv=ODAyMTk3 and help fund their project to directly support American manufacturers. These guys are doing great things.

  6. After the 2012 USA Olympic apparel received heavy criticism for being made in China, Ralph Lauren’s 2014 Olympics opening ceremony outfits are 100% made in the USA.